Gabriel Elvery

Gabe is an LKAS PhD funded researcher at the University of Glasgow. They are a co-organiser of the Game Studies at Glasgow reading group, Vice Editor of Press Start Journal and a member of the Games and Gaming Lab at The University of Glasgow. Their project is supervised by Dr Matthew Sangster and Dr Matthew Barr.

Gabe also streams chill vibes content and game analysis on twitch.

Gabe is researching the effects of Fantasy in single-player, narrative-driven video games. Their project will explore whether its effective use facilitates affective engagement with digital fantasy worlds and whether this digital affect has the potential to impact the emotional wellbeing of players in their off-screen lives. Gabe’s research will develop a new kind of reader reception theory by investigating whether literary analysis of video games has practical applications and corresponds with the experiences of players. The end result will make available a fuller understanding of the affordances, implications and impact of the Digital Fantastic.

Gabe’s research interests include the following fields:

  • Game Studies
  • Fantasy Theory
  • Fan Studies
  • Parasocial Relationships
  • Reception Theory
  • Affect in literature and new media