About Gabriel Elvery


Gabe is a genderfluid, neurodivergent LKAS PhD funded researcher at the University of Glasgow. Prior to starting their PhD, They graduated top for their Fantasy MLitt and their PGCE. They also obtained a First Class Degree in English and Comparative Literary Studies from the University of Warwick.

Gabe is an experienced GTA and guest lecturer, having taught internationally at graduate level. They are passionate about pedagogy and enjoy implementing experimental teaching methods.

Gabe has organised both academic and public outreach events, and served as vice-editor for Press Start.

They are disabled, and have currently stepped back from extra duties to focus on their thesis due to the severity of their chronic health issues.

Their favourite thing is writing – especially Creative Nonfiction, and they aspire to continue publishing their creative work.

Gabe’s research interests include the following fields:

  • Game Studies
  • Fantasy Theory
  • Fan Studies
  • Parasocial Relationships
  • Reception Theory
  • Affect in literature and new media
  • Game Studies pedagogy

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