Note: Due to ill health, I no longer do volunteer work or accept mentorship requests, but I will consider one-off paid opportunities and media requests carefully. I also help Masters/Undergrad level students on a short term basis.


  • Game Studies
  • Parasocial relationships
  • Literary theory (affect, fantasy, feminism)
  • Mental illness & academia
  • Mental health and productivity
  • Academic writing + study skills


  • Speaking opportunities (public engagement, streaming, industry events)
  • Teaching (guest lectures, seminar visits, let’s play workshops)
  • Media collabs (blogging, podcasts, interviews, etc)
  • Writing opportunities
  • Please do not contact me regarding your mental or physical health, but do make use of the linked resources under appropriate medical supervision.

Note: I love receiving emails from people who have used/enjoyed/related to my content, but please be careful when contacting me in relation to sensitive subjects. I am currently undergoing therapy, and very unwell, so am sensitive to triggering content. I advise sending a preliminary email asking permission before sending emails containing these subjects my way.

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